4 Reasons Why Travelling With Solid Blocs is Better Than Liquid Products

4 Reasons Why Travelling With Solid Blocs is Better Than Liquid Products

If you like travelling like us, you know how frustrating it is travelling with liquid products. In this article we explain why solid blocs are the answer to your travel woes.

1. Mess free

Don’t you just hate it when you open your bag or suitcase after a trip and find a liquid mess all over your stuff? The problem is that you can never be sure that a lid will stand up to the job of keeping liquid shampoo, conditioner or body wash from escaping and wreaking havoc all over your belongings. That’s why switching to solid hair and body blocs is the way to go. They are virtually waterless so the stress of a mess is quite literally evaporated when using these amazing products. Pair them with a clever storage container, like this one here and you’ll never have to worry about a liquid explosion again.

2. No 100mL liquid limits

TGA friendly Another pet peeve when travelling is going through security only to realise that you didn’t put your large liquid products into your suitcase (face palm). You know the drill, the astute rule enforcers check to see if your products are over 100mL and then go on to throw the majority of your toiletry bag into the bin. What a waste! And to think how much money is thrown away. Solid hair and body blocs are TGA compliant because well, they aren’t liquids. So you can take as many of these as you like on-board! Just maybe don’t take 50 of them or the enforcers might be wondering what on earth you need so many for (she/he obviously just hasn’t tried the bloc out and discovered the brilliance for themselves ;))

3. Longer lasting

Did you know that most liquid shampoos, conditioners, body wash and moisturisers are diluted with 70-80 per cent of water? That’s right. In a constant quest for profitability above all else, beauty and personal care brands have benefited by watering down these products which ultimately leaves you with less bang for your buck. We’ve taken out the vast majority of this water to leave you with a bloc that is concentrated and lasts three times longer. How do we work this out? Well, if you mixed one bloc with the equivalent of the plastic bottles of water, you’d have three perfectly good liquid products. But we don’t want to inconvenience you.

4. Less bulky

As we now know, solid blocs are concentrated meaning they take up less space. Doesn’t everyone have the problem of overpacking and then having to painstakingly go through every item you originally wanted to pack and sideline things you really wish you could take with you? Well, your standard liquid hair and body products in plastic bottles sure aren’t compact. In fact they’re the opposite- bulky. 80% more bulky to be exact.

Check out our mess free, TGA friendly, long lasting & compact hair and body blocs here. Once you try them, you’ll have a hard time going back.

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