Introducing Wash Bloc

Discover simplicity, authenticity, and sustainability at the heart of Australia with Wash Bloc. Our brand embodies the essence of the Australian outdoors, resonating with those who embrace adventure and sustainability.

We understand the needs of your lifestyle – from bustling career-driven days to serene nature retreats and travel adventures. That's why we've crafted natural solid hair and skincare essentials that seamlessly integrate into your daily self-care rituals without harming the planet.

My Story

Growing up surrounded by the countryside, my days were filled with the scent of soil and the freedom to explore.

It was in these moments of exploration that my passion for the outdoors, travel, and adventure took root.

My goal is simple: to expand Wash Bloc's range in a way that respects our planet. Each step forward is a conscious effort to tread lightly, to leave behind a positive impact on the environment.

As I navigate this journey, I am reminded that even the smallest actions can make a difference. And with Wash Bloc, I am committed to making that difference, one eco-friendly product at a time.

- Tess Dugan, Owner

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Our Impact

Let's talk about our unwavering commitment to reducing plastic waste and conserving water. At Wash Bloc, we recognise the pressing need to address environmental challenges, particularly in the realms of plastic pollution and water conservation. Join us in our journey to make a positive impact on the planet by choosing Wash Bloc, where eco-consciousness meets luxurious personal care.


    At Wash Bloc, we're on a mission to combat plastic pollution and protect marine life. Unlike traditional products, Wash Bloc doesn't use any plastic in its packaging. By making the switch to Wash Bloc, customers can significantly reduce their plastic waste and help safeguard our oceans and wildlife. With plastic pollution posing a grave threat to marine ecosystems, it's more important than ever to choose eco-friendly alternatives. Join us in our commitment to a cleaner, plastic-free future.


    Liquid shampoos typically contain about 80% water, serving as a carrier solvent for other ingredients and diluting harsh detergents like sulfates to reduce irritation. In contrast, our Blocs minimise water usage, retaining only essential ingredients. Highly concentrated, each bar lasts as long as three 350mL shampoo bottles, offering both savings and environmental benefits. Choose Wash Bloc for a more sustainable and cost-effective hair care solution.

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